April 3, 2008

GPD08 #4 @Devyl

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Frequently I use selfless and good interchangeably (when I do, it’s a good day for “good”, its getting an upgrade :) .  I think it is one of the primary qualities of a good person and probably the fastest way to get on that list.

Which brings me to @devyl.  Now, I don’t know *that much* about her, but I do know she has driven across the state of florida (I believe it was like 5 hours each way… but I could be wrong) to provide rides to people who needed it.  Thats pretty cool to me.  I told her how cool I thought it was, now I’m telling everyone else (who was not paying attention when I mentioned it on Twitter.

She is also one of the nicest and most open people I have met online, again, assuming a friendship out of the gate.  Have a mentioned how much I like the Twitter community.

Oh yeah… and she throws a mean hot tub party!!!

Dear rest of the world, you would do well to emulate Twitter!  Respectfully, Soren

GPD08 #4 = @devyl, good work sweety!

GPD08 #3 @DarkGracie

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Conventional wisdom probably argues against someone with this avitar getting a vote for Good Person Day 08. That’s why I hate conventional wisdom, it is short sighted and wears blinders too boot!

It was just random luck that caused me to stumble upon @DarkGracie on Twitter. It was my first day on the system and I was just watching the public time line and clicking on users that popped up repeatedly. She did, so I did. when I took a closer look at her avitar (not the one above) it was a side view of a woman with my favorite poem superimposed on her side. That was good enough for me and she became the first person I followed on Twitter.

One of my first posts to the public time line was “I am jacks deflated labido” to which she responded (to me) “i am Jill’s massive ego! *GRIN*”. A simple thing, but that was my introduction to what a special place Twitter was. A place with presumed friendships, rather then friendship pre-qualifications.

This is not a post about a welcoming committee, or Twitter, however. @DarkGracie has great appeal and a ton of friends. She has “powers’ of persuasion, and is influential within this sphere. What I admire about her is that whenever I see her flexing her might, she is using her powers for good. Helping a friend get started on a cross country trek, for example.

She is positive, upbeat, racy, funny as hell and is almost certain to make you day better if you pay attention.

You would be wise to follow her, even if you have no idea what that optional slot could possibly be used for ;)

GPD08 #2 @GeekMommy

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There are very few things I admire in life more than a person of conviction and integrity. Provided, of course, that conviction comes from a good place. This is especially true if that persons particular stand is unpopular.

Yesterday, when the whole good people day started @GeekMommy voiced her position, which was to remain out of the process. Her reasons were solid, and founded in a genuine desire to prevent people from inadvertently getting hurt. A noble position, indeed.

As a result of this position, she was… how to say… questioned on her position, and in fact lost followers. Unfortunate. I think, sometimes people miss the Forrest for the trees. It would be one thing to say “I’m not doing this, I hate everyone” but this was done with purity of heart and intent.

It is not the path I have chosen, and, come to think of it, I may be disrespecting that choice a little by writing about her now (if so, I’m sorry, I do not mean to offend) but it is nevertheless noble.

It was, in short, as act of goodness.

Thanks, @GeekMommy you are, in my opinion, a good person and a role model. When I talk to my 13 year old son about what transpires today through this “movement”, yours will be one of the stories I hopes he learns from.

Good People Day – April 3rd, 2008

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April 3rd 2008 has been unofficially dubbed “good people day” (more information here: http://garyvaynerchuk.com/2008/04/02/april-3rd-2008-is-good-people-day-pass-it-on/). I have to report some mixed emotions about this. I think I’m down to join the fray, for a variety of reasons, however some very legitimate concerns, I believe, have been given.

One was the simple fact that people should try to recognize good people everyday, not “limit their efforts”, sort of the like the Christmas and Thanksgiving effects some people talk of. This is valid, in my mind.

Another was the fact that there is the potential for hurt feelings as people who are good get forgotten. Unspoken was the idea that some of these people might actually be negatively motivated to not be as good as they once were due to lack of recognition. This is valid, in my mind as well.

But here, I think , is what it boils down to for me. If people get in the habit of doing good things (which includes recognizing other people who are doing good things) then, I think, they are more likely to do them more often.

I do try to recognize the people who make a difference in my life regularly, and I’m not the least bit worried about that being commodified (by me) by the introduction of a day to celebrate that habit. Additionally, because of that effort, I am less worried about anyone I might miss on this “special” day. I know, as do they, that I probably already have them covered and most likely will be telling them how much they mean to me again, and soon.

The following actually happened the other day, I was there when it was going down (the person involved does not want recognition, so I’m leaving his name out), but this is his story:

A person I know online… not a friend, just someone I know. They had the following day…

- Woke up late
- Discovered she had a medical condition
- Got crack in her windshield
- Got flat tire
- Then car got keyed

She mentioned (via twitter) that in addition to all of this, she had not eaten, and, of course, was busy changing a tire now so that was not happening soon.

So I found a sandwich shop a couple of blocks from where she was (behold the mighty power of Google Street View), ordered her a sandwich and had it delivered. Now… I have no idea what she likes to eat, so may have been a total waste, food wise… but at least she knows the whole world is not conspiring against her today! I didn’t tell her I sent it… and told them not to tell her, just to write on it

“Dear Xxxx,

My bad.


Might have been the best $12 I have spent in years :)

I (this is me again, in case it was not clear) subsequently found out that the sandwich never made it, the tire changing prowess of this particular woman was too great. I imagine someone at the sandwich shop got a free lunch, which the person who bought the sandwich was just fine with.

But the disposition of the sandwich is far from the point. This is a person doing a good thing and if other people knew of it, and emulated it… it could become common rather than a noteworthy event. This strikes me as a good thing.

So, tomorrow I’m going to write a few blogs about people I have bumped into that do good things. Some will be people I know well, some will be people I barely know at all. But they will all serve, for at least one day, as role models.

April 3rd, 2008 is good people day… count me in.

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