July 13, 2012

I liked Pinterest before…

After conducting this search (note the search box in the upper left hand corner of the image)… I kinda love Pinterest…

I’m going to keep my comments simple…

  • Anorexia nervosa has the highest premature fatality rate of any mental illness.
  • For females between fifteen to twenty-four years old who suffer from anorexia nervosa, the mortality rate associated with the illness is twelve times higher than the death rate of ALL other causes of death.
  • Research dollars spent on anorexia averaged $.70 per affected individual, compared to over $159.00 per affected individual for schizophrenia.

Eating disorders are no joke and taking them seriously is no small thing. Kudos to you Pinterest, good form.

ps… I checked a couple of other sites, specifically two of the largest search engines on the web… lets just say they could learn a thing or two from Pinterest…

June 6, 2008

An unusual shout out (I)…

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Today I’d like to give a brief shout out to garbage men (and women).

Yeah, I said it… props to the local sanitation engineers.

While these folks usually only get attention for leaving peoples cans on the street or “not in the cart I brought them out in” they are a vital part of the comfortable society we live in. They handle the stuff we don’t want to deal with, and they do it without any real praise of accolades. Police fire, ambulance and all manner of other public servants are given attention and support, but when was the last time you heard anyone do anything for the local garbage crew.

In the aftermath of 9/11 how much coverage did you see about the people getting their hands dirty cleaning up the mess? Virtually none.

In the aftermath of Katrina, did you get to know any of the hard working people restoring some sense of normalcy to the people who returned to New Orleans by regularly coming by and taking away the refuse from their rebuilding efforts? No.

These folks work hard everyday, doing a job I certainly would not want to do. Today, when they come by my house to empty my two cans of trash they will get a little more than they bargained for. Something they usually don’t see unless it’s the end of December. No, not a Christmas tree… today they will find a little gift of appreciation.

And who knows… if they are up on their blogs, they might see this thank you note as well :)

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