September 16, 2008

Pro-Life?? Pro-Choice?? Pro-dialog!!

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This is going to be the first of a series on the issue of abortion (and related issues).  Before I begin, I should point out that the intent of this series is not to state a position on abortion (although myself and others may do that along the way in the course of writing about the issues), nor it is intended to sway anyone one way or another on the issue.

What I would like to try to accomplish is to bring the debate down a few decibels, and start a discussion of the myriad of issues surrounding this one keystone debate.  What I’m looking to accomplish is a bit of an evolution in theme.  I’d like to start by trying to find a common ground on which dialog can be exchanged between people on both sides of the issue, in a reasonably peaceful and non-confrontational manner.  From there, I’d like to explore and discuss some of the more complex issues surrounding it.

I am looking for other views and opinions on this, I do not want it to be a singular voice by any stretch, so if you are interested in guest blogging on this issue, please let me know either by comment or more directly, if you know me from a social network.  There will be some guidelines.  Specifically, no inflammatory or accusatory language.  I have no problem with anyone stating their views on the topic, so long as they are couched in a non-prescriptive or judgmental way and the writer maintains a respectful perspective to opposing views.

I’d like to start the conversation by sharing an observation I have made over time and a lot (and by that I mean a *LOT*) of conversations on this topic.   Typically, and by that I mean in about 90% of the conversations I have had, this difference between pro-choice and pro-life is about three months on a calendar.

This is not true of everyone, and is a very simplistic way of putting it, I admit.  However, what I’m looking for is something foundational that we can all agree upon and work up from in the conversation.

So what does that mean?  It means that most people agree that it is fundamentally wrong to take a life and that, to do so, you need to have a pretty compelling reason.  Most people also believe a person (male or female) should have the right to make any and all decisions regarding their own body, provided that the decision does not create a clear and present danger to others.  In other words, we all almost all both pro-choice and pro-life.  What we do not agree upon is when there is another valid life in the equation.

Is there another life to consider at conception, some would say yes.  Does that life begin with a heartbeat, others would agree with this.  There are those who would go as far as the second tri-mester.  In general, though, it is at this point on the time line (where ever that point is for you) that abortion becomes a matter of life rather than a matter of choice.

With this observation in mind, I’m wondering how many people would feel comfortable saying that they are, on a very basic and generalized level (i.e. not yet considering special cases), okay with abortion prior to this point and against it after this point.  Again, at this juncture we are not discussing what this point should be, or judging anyone on where they place it on the time line.  I’m just asking if this is a way of thinking you would be able to agree to as a baseline for other conversations?

For me, it works, for others I have had the conversation with, it works… how about you?

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