February 28, 2012

Movie Review – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

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Remember way back when I did movie reviews… here’s one for old times sake.

There is probably going to be a spoiler or two… so think about that if you haven’t seen it and intend to do so.


I’ll cut right to the chase, because, despite there being a lot to like about this movie, there was one aspect that left me walking out of the theater wishing it was made while I was still in college so I could spend the entire night/weekend/whatever talking about it with my oh so smart and worldly (sarcasm there, in case that wasn’t obvious) friends.

The last scene alone would have provided hours of poetic waxing about the commodification of sex, the dysfunctional aftermath of abuse, and the joyously flawed character reveal… tantalizingly delayed until the very end and yet not really withheld at all.

There are so many conclusions that can be drawn throughout the movie about the relationship building between Lisbeth and Mikael; however, in the end – regardless of what you thought would happen, or what you thought should happen – it went down exactly as it should.

In the movie, we do not see any significant relationship building between the main characters. While we witness extreme circumstances leading to outlandish actions, we are made aware of nothing foundational between Salander and Blomkvist. We see sex (which at first seems like mercy sex, and then seems like utility sex, but never appears to be passion or affection), we see inter-dependence, we even see a life saved; but we never see commonality or synchronicity.

Surely, to Lisbeth, the act of sexually communing with Mikael was a major investment. Her sexuality has always been an unhealthy yet integral part of her value. People have abused her for it and blackmailed her for it and now she had found a place where she actually wanted to not only use it… but perhaps find meaning in it.

Mikael, by contrast, in sleeping with Salander, is cheating for at least the second straight time (that we know of) and appears to tragically undervalue their physical intimacy. It was inviting, fun, and enjoyable…but never appeared to be terribly significant.

The inevitable collision of these values was foreshadowed well by his distraction during their encounter in the hotel and climaxed (pun intended) fantastically in the final scene.

Blomkvist, of course, goes back to his life – including his married girlfriend; oblivious to the idea that anything significant was going on with Salander. Lisbeth, by contrast, confides in her most (only?) trusted companion that she has started forging a relationship with someone that he “would like” (or “approve of”, can’t remember which word she used but the intent was the same); only to find him laughing arm in arm with the previously mentioned other woman.

The couple in front of me at the theater, as the credits started to roll, began to speculate on whether it was his daughter (we only see the woman from behind, so the part about his being with the married woman above is my speculation… and clearly what you are supposed to think), or if he was going out with her one last time to break up with her… or… or… or.

I haven’t read the books (although I am about to start as I see tremendous potential beyond just a good intrigue novel now), so I don’t know what comes next. Perhaps the half-fullers in front of me are right on one of their guesses; and, honestly, I won’t have my feelings hurt if they are and everything I have speculated on is dead wrong. There is a certain pleasure to be taken in thinking that these two broken people might be just what each other needs to cobble a happy and productive life out of their respective pasts.

But, if their not, and it is as I saw it… while it won’t be all “happy Hollywood,” this movie is a great and candid look into humanity and the ravages of abuse… and one hell of a conversation starter.

Even if it is just a few years too late for me to take full advantage of it…

March 23, 2008

Violence in Movies, etc.

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Maybe, just maybe I’ve been being a bit presumptuous. Perhaps there really isn’t more sensationalism in movies etc. today. Perhaps they do not feel they need to make everything bigger, stronger, faster and more lethal than in the past.

Okay, lets be honest, I never had any of those thoughts. If you have read my blog with any consistency you are aware of my issues with the growing need of our society to abuse the language to make a simple point.

But I did run across something the other day that reinforced all of these beliefs in me, so I wanted to share it with you.

Right before its release, the LA Times ran a feature on the newest Rambo movie. Included in that piece was the following chart pointing out the violence in those movies as they progressed. (side note: if you were to check the overall movie critics scores, I suspect you might find an inverse trend line, but I have not done this myself.)

Rambo Chart from LA Times

I’m pretty sure those numbers speak for themselves. It seems pretty clear to me where things are going. 2.59 people killed per minute, how is “people killed per minute” even a statistic!?!?!?  I did an informal and non-numeric based evaluation of the die hard movies the night before last, watching the first one and then the most recent release back to back… same phenomenon.

This is probably a big part of the reason I was so fond of I am Legend (my oh so brief review here).  The main character does not run around killing recklessly throughout the movie, in fact he only kills when it is necessary.  To me a movie like this is a breath of fresh air in todays society.  It’s still a zombie movie, etc. but it does a 180 degree turn on all of the trends that I have seen, not just in Hollywood but in our society as a whole.

But, hey, at least the number of scenes in which good guys are tortured is being reduced.  And the bad guys aim is getting better, thats something gotta be worth… right?

February 19, 2008

Movie Review – Jumper

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Yep, a movie review, I’ll bet most of you thought I had abandoned the concept (and after reading, some of you might wish that I had).

I took the boys to see this one and I was more excited then they were at the start.  They were, by far, more excited about it than I was at the end.  I have not looked, but I’m quite sure Jumper did not fare very well with move critics in general.  The plot was full of holes and contradictions, and the lead character was worse than uninspiring (yes, I meant to say it exactly that way).

There are movies with lovable bad guys, and then there are movies with lead characters bereft of character and socially redeeming qualities. Three guess which one we have here.  It is very hard to rally around a lead who insists that he is “different” and “not like the others” when the only others we have seen are of higher moral quality than he is.  I’m also not sure why you would put a justifying line like “I know it was wrong, but what would you do if you were 15″ in the movie and then have the character continue on the same path throughout the movie?  Doesn’t that line imply that he had since learned better?  I’m sorry, but I was not rooting for him, simply because he appeared to be the lessor of two evils, at the end of the movie.  My standards for getting behind someone are a bit higher than that.

What can I recommend about this movie?  I liked the concept, and as I alluded to earlier, my boys loved it.  They have created their own little “jumper” world, and, thanks to a little parental influence, are using their powers for good. This is in contrast to, say, saving time getting to the fridge while watching the news and doing nothing about the fact that people are dying in a flood, as occurs in the movie.  That type of character development, I can do without.

The special effects are top notch, so if you are in for some eye candy, it is worth watching from that standpoint.  However, I really cannot encourage anyone to watch this movie.  Overall, the message is do whatever you want, whenever you want, don’t bother taking anyone else’s life into account, its all about you.  Sadly, he gets rewarded by this behavior at the end of the movie, escaping the hands of the “bad guys” re-connecting with his mother, and getting the girl.

Overall, a horrible message.  On the old 1-6 o’meter it gets a reluctant 2, based entirely on concept and special effects.  If you are going to subject yourself to this movie, see it at theaters where you can get the full effect of the limited value it does have.  Do the world a favor though, and do not take your children, unless you plan to put in a good deal of time reconstructing what a roll model with those powers should be acting like.

January 4, 2008

Movie Review – The Great Debaters

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This movie is, of course a formula movie based on real life. Think To Sir With Love meets Rudy, or some such mix. On one hand you have a great story of an instructor really reaching his students, on the other you have the pursuit of competitive excellence. All based, somewhat loosely, on a true story (the “big” debate was not, in real life, against Harvard, it was against USC… but somehow that just does not have the same ring to it).

Denzel does a typically good job as the debate coach. Having watched both recently, he is certainly better suited for roles like that in American Gangster (review coming soon) than this one. But with the added “twist” of the labor dispute he got to show off his chops in more than one way.

Really, all of the casting was good and the performances are strong throughout. Some of the debating was very moving (even if there was a little too much emotional appeal than would stand in a normal debate).

I took my 12 (13 in 6 days) son to see this, as I do all movies I think he can learn lessons from (this was a good year for them, Amazing Grace and The Perfect Gift come quickly to mind), and he got several good points from the movie. Mostly regarding the ugly face of bigotry and admirable quality of perseverance.

I highly recommend this movie, especially if you have children (over a certain age as the racism and some of the more graphic scenes are not appropriate for young viewers).

A solid 5 out of 6… go see it!!!

December 17, 2007

Movie Review – I am Legend

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First and foremost, of course, this is a zombie flick (can we be done with that trend now?)… so there are lots of scary things that go bump in the night. These particular zombies actually go bump *only* at night… which is kind of convenient.

As much as I hate to say it… did not find Will Smiths acting chops to be at full swing in this one (this doe not mean he was bad… just not as good as he has been). Of course, if you are a woman (or a guy of a certain persuasion) the workout scene I’m sure would be inspirational!

The story did more along and there really was not much wasted film, which was great. It was one of those rare movies that was probably very close to the perfect length.I also really enjoyed how the story developed and ended. You were left, several times in the story thinking this is a flawed hero, not some superman here to save all of humanity (in this case, it appears, all of humanity being himself), but a regular (okay exceptional in some ways, but still regular, if you know what I mean) guy in an bad situation, making the best of it. He is human and real and made mistakes, and I appreciated that.

Good movie 5 of 6 (but remember, it is still a zombie flick!)

December 10, 2007

Movie Review – Superbad

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This movie was alarmingly good (and a touch just plain alarming) for what it was, specifically a “teen comedy”.  Interestingly, I watched it the same night I watched the “adult comedy” Chuck and Larry and found it to be far more believable and, in fact a better, more entertaining movie.

Certainly there are the “American Pie” moments in this movie that make any parent (or adult) cringe.  However, the movie actually makes sense.  None (okay, very few) of the stereo types are overdone and I have to think this is a failry honest look into teen live (it certainly resembles my teen years, if cell phones had been available to use at the time).

Beyond the “if makes sense” and “is a reasonable semblance of ten reality” and other observations about the quality of the production etc., it was just plain funny.  There were times I laughed my ass off (yeah, I said it!!) during this movie.  I’m not going to send my 13 year old son off to see it this week, however if you are over the age of 18 (especially if you have teens of your own) you should see this movie without delay.

A strong 4 out of 6… watch it, if for not other reason that the social implications of being hip to McLoven and all that that means!!

ps… since I mentioned it, Chuck and Larry gets a 3 of 6… watch it if you are bored.  Although, you will love it if you enjoy Adam Sandler and his group of usual suspects when they are a touch over the top with the “bathroom” humor etc..  Thats not my thing, but I know others love it.

December 6, 2007

Movie Review: Beowulf

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Lets get this out of the way right from the start.  This movie is eye candy and a cornicopea of candy to put Easter and Halloween to shame at that.

If you want a hero you can feel good about, Beowulf is not your guy.  If you want a “kingdom” worth having a hero you can feel good about, than that of King Hrothgar is not your enchanted land.  If you want a villian you can hate, sorry, there too, you will be disappointed (although that is about the only disappointing thing my mind can conjure up about Angelina Jolie’s character).

The story is what it is, the story telling is average at best, and the voiceover “acting” is also not much over marginal. 

However, this movie is cool!!!!!  The CGI is amazing, the fight sceens are incredible, and the renderings of the characters staggering (especially if you are into half, or more than half, naked animated people that look almost too much like non-animated people). 

The 3D is done well as well and I never wanted to take the glasses off during the movie, which I usually do at some point ina  3D movie.

How exactly this movie is PG-13, I’m not sure.  AJ is completely nude (give ro take a little golden mud here and there) and far more capable of generating illicit thoughts than most sceens in movies with “real people”. 

Note: for you women, Beowulf himself is no joke either.  Well, except in his nude fighting sceen, but that is on purpose… and quite funny.

The overall *quality* of this movie garners somewhere between a 3 and a 4 on the old 1-6 o-meter, however… you really should go see this, and in theaters… not at home.

September 7, 2007

Movie Review – Slingshot

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How to say. This movie is not worth the paper this blog is written on.

If you see it at your local Blockbuster (or wherever you get your movies) turn it around so other people will think it is sold out and not be tempted to make the same mistake I did. I got it for free (it was two for one night so they sent me out to grab another movie, I already had The Ultimate Gift) and I wanted to get a refund. I’d tell you why is was horrible, but then I’d have to put myself through the process of reliving it.

1 of 6… because I’m not so tacky (today) to use a negative number. If you see this movie coming toward you… run away!!!!

August 19, 2007

High School Musical II – Movie Review (sort of)

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Well, first I must follow up on my post of Friday night. High School Musical II was the closest thing my son has had to an anticipated viewing event. This movie had a two week uber-build up and he was so ready for it to start he was practically jumping out of his skin. this was all very cool.

Unfortunately, after coasting on pure anticipation for about 45 minutes, he finally gave in to the reality of yet another poorly done sequel. There is an off chance he might have like the far more adult themes had he actually been a teen ager, however I doubt it. the movie reduced cast rather than expanding on it. Narrowed the story lines rather than exploring new ones. Even the musical numbers failed to satisfy (for the most part… I don’t dance seems to have stuck with Shahien at least).

You would think someone at disney would have the talent to put together a better production (especially since HSM I was pretty decent)… but I guess the same fine folks that produce Raven, Zack and Cody, et. al. should not be expected to step too far out of their depth. It’s on free tv (if you have cable), so if your kids want to watch it, do so with them (that way they get company and you get to explain the numerous adult situations that crop up in this movie for kids).

2 (a very weak 2) of 6, I was very disappointed.

August 17, 2007

1408 – Movie Review

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Reminiscent of The House on Haunted Hill, this movie started out brilliantly… then went overboard.  Conversely it did not wait until the end to make its departure from the relative safety of the lito-deck (yep, thats a love boat reference, all you children of the 70′s).  However, it is a “scary” movie and your willing suspension of disbelief is supposed to be at its most willing, right?

Personally, I really wish the movie has stayed true to the first 30 minutes or so.   I was “scared” (which means I bought into the concept and was very interested), kind of like I am every time some clever director puts a litte girl in her sunday best at the end of a hallway, motionless, staring at me.  I would rather face alien *and* predator than that little girl… she scares the heck out of me!!!!  I can relate to a big scary monster, more to the point, I can relate with how to deal with a one.   However, there is just something subtle and disturbing about a little girl at the end of the hallway.  I have chills just writing about it.

Anyone that can relate to the last paragraph will think the first third of this movie is brilliant, and the rest is a touch overdone.  Those of you who relate more to the scene in Scary Movie where the gal fights the specter from The Ring (i.e. it takes more than a girl at the end of a hall to “scare” you) will like the whole thing.

Nevertheless this movie was more than worth the price of admission.  The line from the preview, something like “the police are in the room, they say it is empty” was enough to get me in the door, and the movie backs up the hype.

A very strong 4 out of 6, on the now infamous 1-6 rating scale.

August 10, 2007

Underdog – Movie Review

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There’s no need to fear… unless, of course, you are forced to see this movie!!!! I had high expectations, because I spent my youth watching the cartoon. My hopes were sunk like a gangster with concrete galoshes. If you saw the previews, and saw anything that looked funny (because in the dark recesses of my memory, I think there was something funny in there), you have probably milked this movie for all it is worth. My 7 year old liked it, he was the only one of the 6 people (4 children and 2 adults) in our group who can say that.

I have struggled for some time trying to come up with something positive to say about this movie. Some silver lining to encourage someone to see it. Despite being a fairly imaginative guy… no such luck. The video to the rap song (performed by one of the Disney channel youth actors… sad that I know that, sadder still that I have seen it multiple times) is better than the movie.  The best I can say is that if you have a 7 year old… with limited movie going experience… you might have a hit on your hands. Bring your cell phone, put it on silent and get caught up on your text messaging.

1 of 6… because 1 is the lowest number from 1 to 6

June 12, 2007

Movie Review – Oceans 13 (AKA Oceans III)

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In a conversation I recently had, I tried to share with a friend what (IMO) makes a good sequel, and where most go wrong.  The basic problem is this, hte makers of the sequel either try to go overboard on personality aspects that people loved (completely forgetting this was done for character development, and the characters are already developed to most viewers) or try to go over the top and outdo the previous movie, instead of simply moving along the time line.

Oceans 13 is severely lacking in all of these failings.  It is a magnificent sequel!!!!  You still have the inside jokes (that the first movie brilliantly kept inside from the beginning, its amazing how happy I am to be outside the inside jokes in the oceans movies), unique characteristics or each of the participants, etc. but it is not overdone so that you feel like the movie is dependent on it.  It is simply a natural part of the whole.  At the same time, the action and story line go nicely along from the previous movies.  If you liked the first movie, and especially if you were not as wild about the second one, you will really enjoy this edition.  it certainly left me wanting more… not something you typically leave a sequel wanting.

This should be your next movie, unless you simply do not like this genere of movie at all.  Its the best movie out right now (that I have seen, which does not leave many sleepers).

6 of 6… go go go!!!

Movie Review – Pirates III

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While considerably longer than it needed to be, I enjoyed Pirates. There were many laugh out loud moments (the machete and “unpiratlike” come quickly to mind), and in general the jovial yet desperate mood that made the first movie such a hit. there was no shortage of effort to remind us that our heroine is nice to lookup, could we squeeze in just one more full screen close up, please!!!! However, given that fact that their basic premise was correct, the effort was fine with me!

They did not do a good job with hiding “plot twists” but its pirates, and in this romp… who cares??? I’m also sure that if I stopped laughing and took the movie seriously there is probably a deep meaning I completely golssed over, some important theme to be evaluated, but again… who cares??? the movie is just fun. Go see it, and go see it at the theater (so those close ups are as close up as you can be!!!).

5 out of 6 (assuming you take what I said above to heart and do not go with the wrong expectations)

June 8, 2007

Movie review – You, Me, and Dupree

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Lets start by establishing a bit of a foundation.  I do not particularly like any of the main actors in this movie, and Kate Hudson is not a favorite either.  So, needless to say, I went in with low expectations.  For the most part, on an artistic level, the movie did not disappoint (my expectations that is).  It was, in fact, a poor effort.  The character development, and more importantly, the character consistency within the limited development was horrible.

The one logical conclusion that you come to from the character development, never comes to pass.  Now, as anyone who has read my reviews knows, I’m not one for obvious endings.  However, there are certain aspects of endings that you can see coming that should take place, just for character consistency, logical wrapup, etc.  How tough would it have been to fit in a job working with kids for Dupree at the end of this movie.  The “job” he winds up with is fine (good even)… but he really should be working with kids… it only makes sense based on the only real character development they did with him.

Despite all of that, however, if you are looking for a nice little movie, that is entertaining and will provide a few laughs along the way (and you are able to withstand both of the lead males propencity to overact and inject “smarm” in to sceens)… this is a decent rental (as hard as that is for me to say!!!).  You will not turn it off and rush back to the video store pretending you do not have time to watch it and hoping to get a refund so as not to have paid for the two hours you lost… which is what I expected to do.  Next time I’ll have a more open mind… and not leave the car running!!!

It gets a 3 on the 1 to 6 scale.

May 29, 2007

Movie Review – Bug

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I’m going to do this review in reverse and start out by saying it gets a 2 (a weak 2 at that) on the 1 to 6 o’meter.

Now for the caveats.   First of all, that 2 of 6 is based on entertainment quality and does not necessarily mean the movie was “bad”.  What it means is that the movie did not entertain and it left (I imagine) everyone in the theater going “huh”?  In the half filled theater I was in, there were at least 8-10 quite boisterous “huh”s.  The rest I’m sure were doing the same thing, more quietly or in their minds.  Many (including me)  stayed through the credits thinking something would be revealed there… don’t waste the time, it will not be.  Secondly, please do not take away my “guy card” because I said a movie with several minutes of nude Ashley Judd was not entertaining. I like Ashley as much as the next guy… in fact more than a lot of guys I suppose, but a little nudity here and there is not going to make this movie entertaining, nor its story line compelling.

This movie is a story, a particularly sad story.  Not what you typically expect from a horror movie, but, this is not a horror movie, any more than Schindlers list was.   Its sort of like one of those “based on the life of” stories, that is limited by reality and therefore lacking in the type of “excitement” and drama todays movie goers have come to expect… only, as far as I can tell… its not based on a true story.

Having said all that, if you have the stomach and  apreciation for movies that are “good”, despite a lack of improbable, overly  choreographed car chases, fight scenes, and plot twists; this movie, as a work of art, is better than decent.  It is a fictional (I think) account about things that really happen (hello… Tim McVie and Columbine, etc.) .  It does not gloss, nor does it preach, it simply shares itself with the viewer and lets them make up their own (in most cases, bewildered) minds.

If you are a person who appreciates movies for the art they can be, go see this movie.  If you are a movie goer who is looking for a nice escape from the 10 o’clock news and the rest of every day life,  this movie will leave you saying “Well, that’s two hours I’ll never get back” (that or, perhaps more likely… “huh”).

May 23, 2007

Lucky You – Movie Review

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Note… this entry has a spoiler near the end!

First of all, if you are a poker fan and think you will see some cool poker footage, save the $8 (or 10 or 12 or whatever you pay for movies where you are) and watch poker on ESPN or something.  The poker is uninspired, predictable, and cliche (but good other than that).  The use of poker terms in everyday life is overdone (at least compared to anyone that I know that plays poker regularly).  Having said that, Drew Berrymore’s  (sp?) derisive use of “I’m making a good fold” was a good line.  Anytime an outsider can use someones inside terms against them in that type of setting, it makes for good repartee.

Most of this movie was predictable, down to the “big finish”… but there were a few nice turns to even it out.  I was quite pleased with the end <spoiler coming here> where after losing on purpose so that his father would have a chance to win it all, his father fails to do so </spoiler>.

D.B. was “eh” in her role and I did not like the male lead at all.  He’s the kind of guy I usually want to (but do not) punch and his personality matched his look to a T (which I guess makes it a good bit of casting).  You never really got behind him, wanting him to succeed.  In fact, I was actively rooting against him during his golf bet.

I see no reason to pay theater prices for this movie… but it should not inspire a “thats two hours I’ll never get back” if you rent it some night (especially if you have other things to do while watching).  I’d give this one a 3 out of 6 on the 1-6 scale of movie life.

May 21, 2007

Stomp the Yard – Movie Review

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Note – there will be a couple of these coming in rapid succession, I had time while sick to take in a few films

Stomp the yard was in many ways not what I expected, but the plot line was exactly what I expected, I’m not sure why it is so impossible to think up a new way for this type of movie end… perhaps there is a bit of work for some clever soul there???  I expected a dance movie, ala drum line, but with dancing.  I did not get what I expected.  Refreshing, the kid was not as stereotypically “ghetto” as they usually are in these movies.  One of the best scenes is when his uncle is lecturing him.  His Aunt interrupts to ask the uncle to lighten up and the kid interjects “no, its fine, I’m listening”.  Nice to see that level of respect, and, he stayed withint that character throughout the movie.  He still had the temper and pride you would expect, but generally in a very respectful way… if that makes any sense.

The dancing was not what I expected at all… but it was certainly interesting.  There was also less dancing and more plot than I expected (if you are into calling that particular formula “plot”).  I was hoping for more dance… so this was a touch disappointing, but it was fine.

Overall, worth seeing… a 4 on the 1-6 scale (I expected to give it a 5… so not as good as expected, but still well worth the 3 bucks to rent).

April 25, 2007

Amazing Grace – Movie Review

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Go see this movie… bring your children, and anyone else you know that is marginally impressionable or open minded.  This is a great story of a great accomplishment by a decent fellow.  It is more than worth the money spent on tickets.  I took my 12 year old son, for the many lessons he could learn from the film (turned out he enjoyed it to boot).

The movie was entertaining as well as historically significant (what a thought!!!!).  The movie was set to release in the 200th year after the English abolished their slave trade, so it is timely as well.

Well acted and fantastically set, this movie wins in all areas, not just message.  Go, enjoy, and learn!

6 of 6 on the 1-6 o’meter

April 24, 2007

In the land of Women – Movie Review

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So, it appears that I am no longer cool (see post of a few days ago re: plants), but I’ve made up for this somewhat by virtue of the fact that I’m now a girl.  I REALLY liked this movie.  Willingly suspending my disbelief that so many folks are going to open up so rapidly to a complete stranger, this story is delightful, and the acting is far better than average.  Probably not Meg Ryans strongest work, but I’m not sure I like her at her strongest, so thats kind of a good thing.  The movie manages to take a glimpse into the lives of three generations of women (admittedly, it could have taken a closer look into the grandmothers character) and do a decent job of telling multiple stories at once.  I could have done without the “secrets” (to many and over done a touch) and the whole story line with the father was unneeded, IMO, but I loved it none-the-less.  The scene with the little girl and mom getting ice cream was terrific!

Go see it… 5 of 6 on the 1 to 6 o-meter

Fracture – Movie Review

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Ugh… what could have ben a decent movie wound up being a two hour “are you really that dense” fest.  The problem with basing your entire “mystery” on one plot “twist”, and then spoon feeding the audience the answer to the twist like they are second graders in need of help is this… anyone not in first grade or below is going to be annoyed within 15 minutes because of the idiocy of the supposedly wonder brains on the case.  If I sound bitter, it may be because I am.  There were two major surprises in this movie, and to say they were fore-shadowed is like saying a full eclipse takes a touch of the glare off.  Is it too much to ask for just a touch of respect.  sure, make some of it low hanging fruit for people who do not like to spend their movies “figuring it out”… but leave a little challange for the rest of us… please.

The acting was actually pretty good (except for the part where they acted like idiots), despite the shallow plot and poor script writing.  Save this one for a night when you have plenty of distractions, you seriously only need to watch the first 15 minutes or so and the last 15 or so.  The rest is a waste of time, unless you enjoy Anthony Hopkins being smug about outsmaring an over confident nit-wit… okay… its not a complete waste of time!!! ;)

3 on the 1 to 6 o’meter

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