December 11, 2007

One more for this morning…

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I’m on a roll with the “feel good” stuff :)

This is where I’d like to see my poker career going.

A major tournament was just completed in Russia, won by a guy from Melbourne.  First prize, a braclet of course, and $205,000.  he took home the bracelet, and the title of course, but left the $250,000 behind as a donation to Russian orphanages. 

Here’s to you Tony Gouga, you now have a fan in me.

November 6, 2007

I love Vegas… I hate Vegas… I love Vegas

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I am the “Emma” of the gambling world!!!  Just got back from an emotional rolercoaster of a weekend in Vegas. 

Thursday night I only had about an hour to gamble, so I threw $20 down on craps and 45 minutes later cashed out $261, multiplying my investment by 13 in that amount of time.  I love Vegas!!!!

At roughly 2:30am Friday night/Saturday morning I was sitting in front of a stack of $3000 in chips (all proceeds of my $200 investment).  At roughly 2:35am (same night/day) I was flat broke.  I hate Vegas!!!!!

Saturday night I was short on time again, I only had about 30 minutes.  I sat down with $20 at a blackjack table and 30 minutes later cashed out $250.  I could laern to like Vegas again, I suppose.

Sunday night at around 8:00pm, I bought $100 into a poker game.  At roughly 11:30pm, sitting behind a stack of over $700 chips, I decided I had been sitting long enough and needed a little break.  So I went over to the craps table and put $25 on each of the hard ways.  I hit 8 hard ways in a row and cashed out $1700.  I then went back to the poker room (sufficiently stretched) and played until 3:30am.  When I cashed out my craps chips and my poker chips, the grand total (after tipping to round out the numbers)was $4,700. I love Vegas!!!!!

That is the end of the story, because I went back to the hotel, slept for 90 minutes and drove back home.  I’m tired… but I love Las Vegas!!!!!

May 23, 2007


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So, I could get used to this poker thing. I have won the last three times I went and, combined, have brought in a full months salary. There was an interesting conversation at the table last night. One person after another was stating what they thought was the key to good playing. At which point, one of the dealers said, the key to good poker play, is being aggressive. If my last week is any indication, I would have to agree with him. I have decided that in order to win, I have to treat other peoples dollars as though they are not equal to my own. Their dollars are worth 10 cents to me, or so. In doing so, I become the aggressor, my bets become tools, not money I am attached to, and as such are free to fully work for me. It seems to be working for me thus far… we’ll see how it goes.

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