June 12, 2007

Movie Review – Oceans 13 (AKA Oceans III)

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In a conversation I recently had, I tried to share with a friend what (IMO) makes a good sequel, and where most go wrong.  The basic problem is this, hte makers of the sequel either try to go overboard on personality aspects that people loved (completely forgetting this was done for character development, and the characters are already developed to most viewers) or try to go over the top and outdo the previous movie, instead of simply moving along the time line.

Oceans 13 is severely lacking in all of these failings.  It is a magnificent sequel!!!!  You still have the inside jokes (that the first movie brilliantly kept inside from the beginning, its amazing how happy I am to be outside the inside jokes in the oceans movies), unique characteristics or each of the participants, etc. but it is not overdone so that you feel like the movie is dependent on it.  It is simply a natural part of the whole.  At the same time, the action and story line go nicely along from the previous movies.  If you liked the first movie, and especially if you were not as wild about the second one, you will really enjoy this edition.  it certainly left me wanting more… not something you typically leave a sequel wanting.

This should be your next movie, unless you simply do not like this genere of movie at all.  Its the best movie out right now (that I have seen, which does not leave many sleepers).

6 of 6… go go go!!!

Movie Review – Pirates III

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While considerably longer than it needed to be, I enjoyed Pirates. There were many laugh out loud moments (the machete and “unpiratlike” come quickly to mind), and in general the jovial yet desperate mood that made the first movie such a hit. there was no shortage of effort to remind us that our heroine is nice to lookup, could we squeeze in just one more full screen close up, please!!!! However, given that fact that their basic premise was correct, the effort was fine with me!

They did not do a good job with hiding “plot twists” but its pirates, and in this romp… who cares??? I’m also sure that if I stopped laughing and took the movie seriously there is probably a deep meaning I completely golssed over, some important theme to be evaluated, but again… who cares??? the movie is just fun. Go see it, and go see it at the theater (so those close ups are as close up as you can be!!!).

5 out of 6 (assuming you take what I said above to heart and do not go with the wrong expectations)


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As I ponder a major life change (i.e. I was mostly resolved to make it), I get this fortune cookie “Your present plans are going to succeed if you stick to them”.

Very funny!!!!!!!!!!


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In a sense, I am glad that I live in a more Loving society than I was born into. My problem stems from the fact that the society is not nearly as Loving as one would expect it to be. These are the 2000′s aren’t they? Don’t we live in the most opulent (dare I say excessively so?) Country on Earth? Do we not have enough educational opportunities available. Actually, strike that, the problem seems to run down hill, not up… so education would be more of a suspect here than a missed opportunity for a cure.

How is it possible, that some 40 years after my first opportunity (I was born in 1966) to experience the benefit of Loving there can be so many deficiencies in societies ability to cope with such a simple, common sense, natural thing.

I have personally experienced Loving problems in my own (former) marriage. And the issues continue, even now that we are divorced. Almost everyone I know who has been in the same position, has experienced the same issues.

One last point… none of this should discourage anyone from entering a Loving relationship… nothing in the world is better than being with the one person you truly love, and nothing should be allowed to stand in the way of that.

For a more detailed ditty (by far more literate folks) of what I’m getting at (and why today is an important, yet widely unknown, day in history), click here

June 8, 2007

Movie review – You, Me, and Dupree

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Lets start by establishing a bit of a foundation.  I do not particularly like any of the main actors in this movie, and Kate Hudson is not a favorite either.  So, needless to say, I went in with low expectations.  For the most part, on an artistic level, the movie did not disappoint (my expectations that is).  It was, in fact, a poor effort.  The character development, and more importantly, the character consistency within the limited development was horrible.

The one logical conclusion that you come to from the character development, never comes to pass.  Now, as anyone who has read my reviews knows, I’m not one for obvious endings.  However, there are certain aspects of endings that you can see coming that should take place, just for character consistency, logical wrapup, etc.  How tough would it have been to fit in a job working with kids for Dupree at the end of this movie.  The “job” he winds up with is fine (good even)… but he really should be working with kids… it only makes sense based on the only real character development they did with him.

Despite all of that, however, if you are looking for a nice little movie, that is entertaining and will provide a few laughs along the way (and you are able to withstand both of the lead males propencity to overact and inject “smarm” in to sceens)… this is a decent rental (as hard as that is for me to say!!!).  You will not turn it off and rush back to the video store pretending you do not have time to watch it and hoping to get a refund so as not to have paid for the two hours you lost… which is what I expected to do.  Next time I’ll have a more open mind… and not leave the car running!!!

It gets a 3 on the 1 to 6 scale.


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What a fantastic experience! I just returned from three days at camp with the entire 6th grade class at my sons elementary school. I was a cabin parent to 10 of the boys in this class. There are not enough words of praise in the English language for how these boys behaved. They were terrific.

Most of my time up there was spent on the archery range (I was the archery instructor) or at the foosball table (there was a lot of rain and foosball was one of the few activities there was to do indoors). it is interesting how often kids will raise to whatever bar is set for them. When we started playing foosball, it was win at all costs for the kids. Frequently in a game of foosball, a person will wind up inadvertently scoring on themselves, it is just a hazard of the game. As I was considerably better than the kids (not that I’m all that good, but I have played some, and most of them never have… they’re 6th graders afterall) I would never take points unless I had intentionally made the shot that led to the point. At first the kids saw this a a great advantage over me… but eventually (especially after a few of them played on my team and got first hand knowledge of how it feels to excuse someones mistakes, and still win) a few at a time… they all started doing the same thing. After a while, it became a source of pride with them “we never take goals like that, we want to feel good about each of our goals”. One of the boys even started calling it the “integrity table”.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of lifes little reminders of how cool people can be, in the right settings. If you ever get the chance to do something like this with your children (or someone elses for that matter)… do it, without reservation. It is one of the most rewarding things you can do!!!!!

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