September 17, 2007

Lack of inspiration…

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Sorry for the lack of posts, however I have been struck with a lack of inspiration to write.  I figured if I came over and wrote about that, it might jump start me writing about other things.  so here I go, writing about not writing!

It was a dark and gloomy afternoon (well it was yesterday, for about 40 minutes, anyway!)… so much for using that standby to get things going.  Although… my blog is not exactly Internet Noir, now is it… so I’m not sure why I thought it might.  It’s interesting to me how I can go days without writing, and other times I cannot find a way to go five minutes.  This weekend was busy, art festival, football games (the live kind… not the made for tv kind), etc.

Maybe doing things is part of it (an extension of the “those who can… do; those who cannot; teach” thing, perhaps????).  That line came up in conversation the other day, with others thinking it is stupid or annoying.  Unfortunately, I think in many cases, it is true.  I was the minority in that conversation.

I am preparing a presentation on Wiki and other social media, for  a government conference I’m going to, which is requiring of me, research and writing chops, perhaps that is part of it as well.   Speaking of which, I need to finish that up… more to come…

September 7, 2007

Movie Review – Slingshot

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How to say. This movie is not worth the paper this blog is written on.

If you see it at your local Blockbuster (or wherever you get your movies) turn it around so other people will think it is sold out and not be tempted to make the same mistake I did. I got it for free (it was two for one night so they sent me out to grab another movie, I already had The Ultimate Gift) and I wanted to get a refund. I’d tell you why is was horrible, but then I’d have to put myself through the process of reliving it.

1 of 6… because I’m not so tacky (today) to use a negative number. If you see this movie coming toward you… run away!!!!

boys and girls…

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It is interesting to me how easily the lines between “I cannot live without you” and “I cannot live with the idea of you being with someone else” can be blurred, and, how often one is confused for the other.

Hmmm… I’ve spent about 10 minutes trying to complicate this post… but… it might just be that simple.

(hint: the first one is really good, the second one is really bad… do what you want with that…)

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