June 10, 2011

A few words on the “fall” of Lebron James…

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Bull shit.

There, I said it.

Right now, it is very popular to jump on the “LeBron is shrinking” bandwagon. Well, sorry journalistic world, you’re gonna have to sell that shit somewhere else, I ain’t buy’n it.

Several year ago, when LeBron was a high school senior and they were (in unprecedented fashion) televising his games on national tv, I watched a couple of them. While everyone else was talking about him being the next coming of MJ or Kobe, I had a different take… still do.

What I saw was a guy moving the ball around, getting teammates involved, hitting the open guy **everytime** over and over again. I saw a ridiculously tall, muscular guy handling the ball and whipping it around like a 6’2″ point guard. I saw a young Magic Johnson…

If LeBron was playing the point for Miami; doing what – I believe – LeBron does best, facilitating, those are the comparisons people would be making… and I don’t believe he would be suffering by comparison.

His passing and court awareness are comparable (although I wouldn’t go as far as to say equal), as is his rebounding. His ability to score is probably a bit better as is his athleticism and defense, although I do not believe LeBron should be focused on scoring at all. Don’t worry, the points will come… but I think 17 (like he had last night) to 25 is a great range for him. It woulf be a lot easier – and better for his team – for him to come up with another 10-15 points by passing to wide open teammates than by forcing the action himself.

LeBron’s not my favorite guy (I’ve never met him – if I did that might change…my opinion is based entirely on impressions and nothing factual), he’s not my favorite player (although, if he played the point that might change… I actually think his natural disposition on the court is very much my style of play… I’m about play-makers), and in my opinion ha has a **long** way to go before he deserves to be mentioned as one of the all time best player (although, this has more to do with time than it does deficiencies in his game). However, having said all of that… LeBron is an absolutely dominant force and (this is the news flash) continues to be one in this series.

I think he is being misused a bit… I’d like to see him initiating the Heat offense more often and looking to create his own shot a little less (note: I’m not saying scoring less, I’m saying creating his own shot less… there is a big difference… if you don’t know… you better ask somebody). But… he is not failing.

Watch his passes, watch his defense, watch his pursuit of rebounds, look (closely) at his stat lines for the series ( – removing the one very poor shooting game (game 3 – and poor shooting happens to everyone sooner or later) – and tell me you wouldn’t want that guy (17.2ppg/6.4ast/7.8reb – and those assist numbers are without the benefit of being the primary ball handler and initiator of the heats offense) running the point for your team.

If not…I’ve got some ocean front property in Montana I’d like to sell you…

June 1, 2011

Call for contributers…

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Guest bloggers/writers? Interested in joining me on a topic specific thread on my blog? If so, let me know, I am going to do a series on infidelity. Trying to capture some of the basics as well as some less covered topics, and, with any luck… some new or different ideas.

I’ll be looking for pieces that are thought provoking, informative and/or controversial… the idea is to get people thinking and break out of the “before he cheats” (etc.) mentality and address a real (and growing) issue in our society (global and domestic). I’ll be looking for pieces that are “experience” pieces (people who have cheated or been cheated upon)… but not gripe or poor little me sessions. I’m also very interested in investigative or research based pieces that are less (if at all) personal but take on a side/prespective/etc. on the topic.

Whats in it for you?

  1. Perhaps together we can have some sort of effect on all of this…
  2. Exposure for your blog/website/whatever (each piece will have a bio and links – I get about 450 page views a day and about 140 unique visitors)
  3. (and certainly most valuable) My eternal gratitude

These will be reviewed before publication, and not everything that I receive will necessarily make it to “print.”  At some point I will be wanting to bundle these entries up and have them become a meaningful collection of informative and actionable items, packaged and useful to anyone experiencing, pondering, or recovering from infidelity.

If you are interested let me know, here, on facebook, twitter, via email… whatever works for you. I will respond to all contacts I receive.  So, if you initiate contact and I don’t respond, I missed it. please remind me.   Finally… if you know someone I don’t know that should be contributing, please forward on my invitation. I am interested in anyone who can add value.

ps… I will have prompts if you want them (probably by early next week) or you can submit your own thoughts and ideas.

Note – Currently I have no intention of selling this package at any point.  Should that change, any contributors would have first the options to pull their contribution and second- should they elect not too – the rights to a share of any revenue generated (amount of revenue share to be determined by me – it will be presented to you before you have to choose to be part of the final product or not).  Again, this is not overly likely to happen as it is not my intent to sell this… but… I’m also not silly enough to close any doors.  The important thing is that if this gets bundled and sold…no ones work will be included unless they want it to be.

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