May 1, 2012

First World Problem

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Last weekend I was sitting in a Wendy’s restaurant when a mother and her two children sat down at the table next to mine and began eating their lunch. As soon as the oldest boy (I’m guessing 10 years old) tried his first french fry, he reported to his mother that they were far to salty and that she needed to return them and get him new ones.

This is where it got interesting.

Before responding to her sons request, she took out her phone, opened up Google and found this image (I’m sure you have all seen it before – it only took her about a minute to find it on her phone):


Showing her son the image, she asked, “how do you think the child in that picture would feel about you throwing away those fries because they have too much salt on them?”

To my amazement and delight, the young man then asked his mother if it would be okay for him to wipe the extra salt off before he ate his fries, or if that would be bad as well (she said “that would be fine”).

Kudos to both of them…

Annually in the United States 34 million tons of food waste is generated each year, 33 million tons of that is simply thrown away (the other million tons – 3% of the total – is recovered and recycled). The average American household throws away 14% of the food they purchase. There are some good resources for managing your food waste here

My take away from all of this was a personal wake up call to take a look at the areas in my life where I am a bit too entitled. I won’t be sending back a steak because its a touch over-cooked any time soon… that’s for sure.

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