June 1, 2009

The Fey Book Tour, and interview with the author…

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Today my blog takes a bit of a turnfrom the usual.  My friend Claudia has written a book called The Fey, she is doing a book tour to promote the book and has elected to includ me – yes me – in the tour.  I am very excited to be able to interview Claudia and to introduce my other friends to both her and her book.  Without further ado… the interview

1. My favorite line from the book is “how come we don’t have sex?” It’s a simple humorous line in the middle of a dialog, but it reveals – if one allows it too – much about human nature, interpersonal relations and the barriers that exist between physical and non-physical relationships.

Gosh, I don’t have a favorite line. I like the delicate dance between Alex and Raz in that scene. The sex “issue” is so common among close male/female friends. There is always this delicate dance of “do we or don’t we”. With Raz and Alex, we only know what they tell us goes on between them.

As the beginning in a series of books, there are a lot of detail that slip by a casual readers. These details will become more important as the series continues and the mystery of who killed The Fey Special Forces team is unraveled.

Do you try to load certain passages in the hopes people will get a deeper meaning, or do you just write and let “life” just happen?

Personally, I’m tired of reading simple books. I want a book that is going to tickle my mind with characters that are rich and interesting. I think the public is ready for less cookie cutter stories and more realistic adventures.

I strive to allow the characters tell their story. The Fey went through a number of editions before I felt like it told Alex’s story as clearly as possible. I don’t intentionally load paragraphs with meaning. The meaning is present because the story feels so real.

I am interested in how you plan to keep this very personal form of character development fresh over eight books, or do you have something else in store for us?

My hope, and desire, is to be a clear scribe for these characters and their story. I believe the two completed books, Learning to Stand and Who I Am, have the same emotional intensity.

Alexandra Hargreaves has a lot to learn about herself and the world. As the reader, we get to watch her grow into herself. If she continues to have story to tell, I’d love to write about them until they are in the nursing home.

3. On the topic of female perspective, I couldn’t help notice several really good pieces of “advice” for guys, on how to maintain a healthy relationship, in the narrative.

Any chance of a companion self help book to compliment the series?

After ten years of writing self-help, it doesn’t surprise me that there’s a ‘how to’ element to my writing. However, if there’s advice in The Fey, I’m not aware of writing it.

4. The only thing I didn’t love in the book was also one of the things I appreciated the most; Alex’s (over?)reaction to the news of her husbands lineage. It bothered me because I thought it was a bit of an over-reaction and I enjoyed it because it was so very human and believable. In your books and in my personal interactions with you, you seem to have a great grasp of the human condition.

What experiences do you draw from in order to maintain this “finger on the pulse?”

There are so many answers to this question, Soren. The most honest answer is that I know, and have known, so many people. I find people fascinating. I’m always willing to set aside time to listen to someone’s story.

As a psychotherapist, I had an inside view into people’s lives and relationships. For a period of time, I worked in a variety of addiction setting where I interacted with literally thousands of people. In private practice, I spent years with people discussing their lives.

The way I maintain my finger on the pulse, however, is to keep my finger on the pulse of my own humanity. The more I understand myself, the more I understand the human condition. The more people I know, the deeper understanding I gain of myself. That understanding helps me to understand people better.

5. You have answered questions in other tour stops about the genesis of the Fey’s story. The same type of interaction takes place in the story itself with Jesse’s spirit serving as a guide to Alex (and others as the story goes on). I love that you, unabashedly, include this aspect in the story,

Did you ever worry about it making the story or book harder to sell?

There are so many ‘hard to sell’ features of the Fey and the Alex the Fey series. First, they are romances, but not really. They are thrillers, but not really. They are about friendship but only kind of. I was coached, pressured and advised to make the books one thing or the other. I was encouraged to make them simpler, easier for people to read.

I wasn’t able to write a simple romance, a straight forward thriller, or even a book about friendship. Instead, I wrote The Fey. It’s not a straight forward book. The relationships are complicated. The story is deep. And people fall in love with these characters.

The one thing I never worried about was Jesse. Most people believe in spirits. Most people have had some interaction with a ghost. Jesse is an integral part of the story.

I worried about the dragon, but you didn’t ask about her.

Can we anticipate this type of spiritual presence throughout the series?

Jesse is a character in the novels. He continues in every book. Some readers have called him Alex’s guardian angel or spirit guide. He is her best friend. They have been friends since basic training. They did a tour in Bosnia together, went to Special Forces training together and were on the Fey team for almost ten years together. When people see so much life, and death, together, they have a bond that lasts long after death.  

And certainly will last through at least eight novels! ;)


But wait… there’s more!!!

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