October 22, 2009


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What follows is probably going to seem a bit odd coming from me, given some of the things I wrote leading up to last years election.  However, in the time since the election, I have both reflected and observed; and here is what I have come up with…

It is time to let the divisiveness go.

This probably does not seem like that shocking a statement to many who know me.  What you may not have anticipated, though, was that I was speaking to the left, not the right, when making it.

Yes, I am aware that there is a groundswell of divisiveness rising from the right as well, but that is not my concern today.  What bothers me are the “winners,” the in-power left that is still focusing or at least taking jabs at the dis-empowered right.

The job before the Obama administration is before them whether you elect to blame the previous administration or not.  The only difference is the time lost (wasted) making those disclaimers and accusations.

I am tired of hearing, from friends as well as strangers, things like “its good to see the Obama administration working so hard on ****.  I just hope they are given a fair chance to work on it before people jump ship on them.  They have so many messes to clean up from the previous administration.”

No on has ever walked into a clean White House, and no mess that a new President has inherited was uniquely caused by the penultimate President.  I don’t care what percentage of Obama’s issues were caused by Bush, it doesn’t matter.

But, even in saying that, I am mistaken.  It does matter, and here’s why.  Because instead of working in a bi-partisan co-operative way, in order to address the issues that face our nation and our world (the real promise, in my opinion, of the Obama administration), defensive lines and walls are being constructed with each accusation or remark.  Divisiveness, and subsequently polarization, are being allowed to proliferate rather than abate.

So my request, my hope, for everyone out there, Republican or Democrat, is to please, stay away from the blame game.  Learning from the past is a good constructive activity, blaming it accomplishes nothing… other than manifesting a compromised future.

Its time to move forward, and let the past be the past…

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