November 19, 2010

And now for something we hope you’ll really like!!!

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Nope, I’m not going to pull a rabbit from my sleeve (bonus points for getting that, and how it relates to the title :) )…

Sometimes you run into a cartoon, or blog, or book, or whatever that so captures your essence (perhaps in full, perhaps just in part) that you have to share it.  I never do that… okay, I seldom do that.  Today I’m going to do that.  While minding my own business that afternoon, I ran smack dab into this:

make a wish

This may or may not resonate with you… but oh my goodness did it resonate with me.

Almost daily my fantasy life goes banana’s.

Sometimes I am suddenly being whisked off to be the starting point guard of my favorite basketball team. Except then I have to stop the fantasy to declare that I am able to play for X number of years without any injury… and then its back to the fantasy. Except then I have to stop and add a particular atribute to my game that might not be part of the standard “best point guard to ever play the game” package… and then its back to the fantasy. Until I have to add the details of my cool incentive laden contract… and then… you get the idea.

Other times I have figured out how to colonize the moon effectively (and pleasantly) and I begin to fantasize about how fantastic (and lucrative) that would be. Well, until I realize then people will want to take it from me… so I have to add defenses… and then get back to the fantasy. Well, until I realize that I don’t really want weapons that harm people in my world… so I invent cool defenses that will not harm anyone… and then get back to the fantasy.

Enough already, you get the idea!!! Except that I haven’t told you that this effects every facet of my life…not just my fantasy life. Now… on with the blog. Except that I need to point out I’m not crazy and I have a perfectly good grip on reality… I just like to let my imagination run from time to time… thats all :)

Moving on…

If you enjoyed the “comic” above, there is so much to enjoy at the blog it came from I cannot recommend enough that you check it out.  Seriously… think about it… I never do this.. except, of course, when I do.

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